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1) Development costs – Costs needed to develop MR.

2) Acquisition costs
– Transportation fees (to meet with artists and bring them to us)
– Contract fees for agencies(authors use agents to negotiate their contracts)
– Translation and sales contracts(So that we can acquire their works)
– Costs for permission to sell contents on sites like Kindle and iTunes, so that users can own their manga
– Distribution fees for doing business with third parties, like bookstores
– Minimum Guarantees
– Gifts for authors(It’s customary to bring gifts to respected figures when meeting with them)
– Meeting costs (We have to pay for all meetings with authors)
– Costs to join manga associations -Japanese companies are very wary of digital companies like ours. In order to make them more willing to work with Manga Reborn, we need to visit different meetings and symposiums to introduce ourselves to people and earn their trust. These activities can also cost a lot of money.

3) Maintenance costs
– Server fees and other necessary fees to keep MR running

4) Translation costs
– Translation fees
– Proofreading fees
– Scanlation fees





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